• Saner key bindings.
  • Pipes.
  • Native search & filter.
  • Create, copy, move, delete files directly.
  • logging support.
  • Version compatibility instructions.
  • Implement CLI arguments.
  • ~Add support for tabs and/or panes (non native)~ hacked | discussion
  • ~Implement bookmarks.~ hacked
  • Add sorting support.
  • Add filter support.
  • File previews.
  • Implement plugins support (or some way to easily share configuration).
  • Bigger (and better) help menu.
  • Offline docs.
  • Support for background services
  • ~Customize~ switch UI at run-time.
  • More tests and benchmarks.
  • Measure code coverage.
  • Improve the vim plugin.
  • Cleanup, refactor, optimize.

add more

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