Installing Plugins

One way to install plugins is to use a plugin manager like dtomvan/xpm.xplr.

But you can also install and manage plugins manually.

Install Manually

  • Add the following line in ~/.config/xplr/init.lua

    local home = os.getenv("HOME")
    package.path = home
    .. "/.config/xplr/plugins/?/init.lua;"
    .. home
    .. "/.config/xplr/plugins/?.lua;"
    .. package.path
  • Clone the plugin

    mkdir -p ~/.config/xplr/plugins
    git clone ~/.config/xplr/plugins/material-landscape2
  • Require the module in ~/.config/xplr/init.lua

    -- The setup arguments might differ for different plugins.
    -- Visit the project README for setup instructions.

Luarocks Support

Some plugins may require luarocks to work.

Setup luarocks with the following steps:

  • Install luarocks (via your package managers or follow the official guide).

  • Add eval "$(luarocks path --lua-version 5.1)" in your .bashrc or .zshrc.

  • Add the following lines in ~/.config/xplr/init.lua

    package.path = os.getenv("LUA_PATH") .. ";" .. package.path
    package.cpath = os.getenv("LUA_CPATH") .. ";" .. package.cpath

    Now you can install packages using luarocks. Be sure to append --lua-version.


luarocks install luafilesystem --local --lua-version 5.1