xplr can be configured using Lua via a special file named init.lua (example), which can be placed in ~/.config/xplr/ (user specific) or /etc/xplr/ (global) depending on the use case.

When a user specific configuration is available, the global configuration file will be ignored.

However, it's also possible to place the file anywhere, with any name and use the command-line argument -c / --config to specify its path explicitely. In that case, both ~/.config/xplr/init.lua and /etc/xplr/init.lua will be ignored.

How Config Is Loaded

When xplr loads, it first executes the built-in init.lua to set the default values, which is then overwritten by another config file, if found using the following lookup order:

--config /path/to/init.lua > ~/.config/xplr/init.lua > /etc/xplr/init.lua


The xplr configuration, exposed as xplr.config Lua API contains the following fields: